Pioneering the future of greenhouse automation

How can I produce safely? Optimize my harvest standard, guarantee good quality crop and decrease my labour costs while doing so?  Questions which keep many growers busy!

Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics in Belgium focusses on providing turn-key solutions for these day-to-day challenges.  The way we face these issues is by developing specific machinery for the internal logistics used in the greenhouse and processing area.

Our Qii-Drive Pepper, highlighted in this novelty item is one of them, specifically designed and engineered to support all those who grow peppers worldwide.  Not only are the main targets covered, the structured solution also creates an efficiently controlled flow throughout the greenhouse, providing the most optimal conditions for your workers, keeping them going at cruising speed.

The trolley functions automatically allowing for your workers to focus on harvesting.  The entire development is designed to minimize crop and fruit handling, guaranteeing high quality standards.  Once full, the Qii-Drive Pepper will automatically report to the processing area where the crop gets buffered or processed immediately.  All is done independently from any human interference, easily reaching volumes of 20 TON/HOUR.

Intense knowledge of the industry and close cooperation with our customers is reflected in more than 100 accomplished projects worldwide, fully fitted with automatic mechanisation of internal transport and harvesting systems.  Today it has been well over 18 years since we first launched such solutions.  Continuous improvements and modern day developments using our multiple patented components, have made Bogaerts to be the number 01 preferred partner in automation of internal logistics systems in greenhouses.

Bringing all these challenges to the table and providing proper solutions has been a learning curve which we experienced throughout many years of developing professional projects which required intense input from both the grower and manufacturer.  High level experience, deployed to support all our future developments.


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