PREMIUMFLOOR Panel System for Fattening

10 December 2014 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

The ideal range of panels for fattening has a span of 800 mm which reduces the number of support beams required by up to 50%. They are fast and easy to install. The PREMIUM fattening panels with slits 10 mm wide can ideally be used from wean to finish. The PREMIUM fattening panels with slits 14 mm wide are used in nurseries from 15 kg to finishing weight. In addition, they can be used in calf boxes, milking parlours as well as in sheep and goat farming.

A closed corridor area (door-corridor ventilation) is possible as well. All panel types distinguish themselves by their excellent stability.

The following products are available for immediate delivery:

• PREMIUM 800 x 400 mm up to 200 kg/m² with slits 10 mm wide

• PREMIUM 800 x 400 mm up to 200 kg/m² with slits 14 mm wide

• PREMIUM 800 x 400 mm G 100% solid panel up to 250 kg/m²

• PREMIUM 800 x 400 mm G solid panel

• 7% percentage of slits up to 250 kg/m²

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