Reimatex® product range

Since the foundation in 1952, Reimann Emsdetten is specialized in the development and production of technical fabrics for professional horticulture. Using best quality materials from selected suppliers and state-of-the-art machinery ensures the high quality standard of Reimann fabrics.

Besides plant and root protection fabrics and capillary irrigation mattings, Reimann offers a wide range of shading and energy screens. The latest development in this section is the Reimatex® product range. All these newly developed fabrics fulfill the highest requirements regarding fire resistance according to DIN and EN standards.

Reimatex® 30, 40, 55 and Reimatex® Silver are mainly used in vegetable production glasshouses and for ornamental plant growing. These fabrics cause an equal diffuse light inside the glasshouse with different high shading values. At the same time the heating energy demand is drastically reduced.

In blackout application Reimatex® Roll both white and transparent and Reimatex® Blackout reduce the light emission by 99% with even higher energy cost savings compared to other screens.


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