Remote+ from Hotraco

…your barn in your pocket!

Always in control, wherever you are
Wouldn’t it be easy if you could control and monitor your barn at all times, wherever you are? If there is an alert, to be able to check what the matter is immediately, and sort it out if necessary? But also if you are concerned, just to have the possibility to have a quick look, and make sure everything is okay? At any time and place, wherever you are.

The SmartLink RM is used to establish a reliable connection between the Hotraco barn computers and a PC or smartphone. This makes it possible to operate your Orion barn computer remotely, and to monitor it in real time. The current generation of smart phones, which have large, clear screens, make operation increasingly easy and attractive.

The structure of the menu is exactly the same as on the familiar display and operating panel of the Orion. This applies to both poultry and pig computers. The user can scroll through the individual menus using the full cursor keys and the numerical keyboard. Whether you are in front of the Orion or elsewhere, using your smart phone, the screens are identical. This means that operation by using a telephone does not require any learning curve. If you are familiar with the Orion, you can use Remote+ without any problem. The function is available for smartphones with an Android, Symbian or BlackBerry operating system.

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