Second Skin: a sustainable protective layer for a hygienic cultivation system

13 June 2023 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Metazet

Metazet FormFlex introduces a revolutionary new product; the “Second Skin”, a specially developed plastic protective layer that completely protects the cultivation gutter, reducing the adherence of algae and fertiliser to a minimum and simplifying gutter cleaning. 

After a period of comprehensive R&D, our innovation team’s smart protective layer is ready. Not only is it impact-resistant and UV-resistant, its incredibly smooth finish minimises the build-up of algae, mould and viruses, and makes cleaning easier.

Hygiene and sustainability Productivity and hygiene are important aspects of a cultivation system. Cleaning protocols have become considerably more rigorous in recent years. The sustainable plastic top layer of Second Skin provides cultivation gutters with complete protection. The material is UV-resistant and impact-resistant. The smooth finish gives algae, fungi and viruses little to hold on to. Folds cannot form in the hard, preformed top layer, so good drainage is always guaranteed.

Less work Second Skin signals an end the annual process of covering with film and subsequent removal, so it means less waste and labour-intensive work. The material of the top layer is resistant to high-pressure cleaners and treatment with all types of cleaning agents, and will give many years of service.

On-site installation The Second Skin is custom-made on site with our profiling machines. It can be effortlessly connected to any cultivation system, so existing cultivation systems can be upgraded with this innovative product.

Metazet FormFlex’s Second Skin is a sustainable solution that ensures a safe and hygienic growing environment. Contact us without obligation, and find out how your cultivation system could benefit from Second Skin.


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