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25 June 2013 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Create your own dashboard with SercoView+

A fast and simple way to keep track of all your business’s controls: who would not want that? SercoView+ offers you the possibility to keep track of all your settings and all the values realised. What makes this solution unique is that you can design your own dashboard using whatever images are most familiar to you.

The possibilities that Sercom process computers offer are increasing all the time, enabling you to control your business’s processes more accurately. However, the massive amount of information produced makes it difficult to keep track of all your settings and all the values realised.

The solution is SercoView+: a practical dashboard that you can design entirely to meet your own specific preferences and needs. Simply ‘drag’ your own JPEG images into the software and use them to create your own tailor-made dashboard. This makes it easier for you to see what is happening and to make the correct decision.

If you are interested in learning about how SercoView+ can help you, please contact one of our dealers or get in touch with Koen Mattheus at Sercom. We will be happy to demonstrate the possibilities.

Better quality of Thai tomatoes

Sercom has realised a modern irrigation system at the parent company of Thai marketing organisation Take Me Home Tomatoes. This marketing organisation bundles the sales of forty producers in the Chiang Mai region, and helps the producers to automate production in order to raise the quality of the final product to a new level.

The first step in improving production and quality is to optimise the irrigation. The new unit serves to automate the irrigation and program the fertilisation. The crops benefit immediately, causing production and quality to improve. The producers affiliated with Take Me Home are invited to learn about the technology to enable them to raise their own production to a new level.

Sercom realised the irrigation unit and the accompanying automation for Take Me Home Tomatoes in partnership with Dutch organisation DATT (Dutch Agro Technology and Trade) and Polish dealer Poldrip.

Innovation Award for ‘City Farming’ concept

At the international trade fair Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Staay Food Group was presented with the Innovation Award 2013 for its ‘City Farming’ concept. This project is the result of close cooperation between Dutch lettuce producer Delissen of Beesel, Philips Lighting, Sercom and Staay Food Group.

In the ‘City Farming’ project, lettuce crops are cultivated under LED lights in fully automated production areas. The benefit of this production concept is that in the near future vegetables can be cultivated anywhere in the world using this method, regardless of season or climate.

Lettuce producer Delissen opted for fully automated climate control using the Sercom solutions. Sercom has extensive experience with climate control and irrigation in closed production systems, and applied this expertise to help realise this innovative project.

Nice to know

–  You can meet Sercom at the 2013 OFA Short Course & Trade Show in Columbus, Ohio, USA from 13 to
16 July 2013.
–  Did you know that Keukenhof and Sercom are neighbours? Combine a visit to our head office in Lisse in
the spring with a trip to this unique bulb park.
–  Sercom has a new partner in Bulgaria, Wisser-Opora. Tervel Nikolov, director and owner of Wisser-Opora,
sees great opportunities for Sercom on the Bulgarian market: not only for climate and irrigation control systems, but also for timekeeping systems and disinfectors.

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