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24 August 2022 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

Introducing the EASYFIX Sausage Bag -Silage Pit Covering Solutions!

The Second Cut of Silage is in full swing and EASYFIX have the ultimate combination of Pit Covering Solutions to get you through! EASYFIX can offer a convenient alternative that is waste free and cleaner than traditional methods, i.e. tyres and sand bags. It is no secret the cost of cutting silage in 2022 has risen due to increasing prices of fuel and raw materials. Farmers are being cautious in their spending habits and ways in which they can gain value for their money. Steering away from traditional methods of securing your pit can ultimately save you capital in the long run.

The EASYFIX Sausage Bag is a convenient alternative to using tyres on the Silage Pit. The Sausage Bags come pre-filled with washed pea gravel, which is free from toxic residue. The Pre-Filled Sausage Bags provide an air-proof seal along the perimeter of the pit. Each bag weighs 25kg, making them the perfect alternative for covering your Silage Pit this summer!

Ultimate Pit Covering Solutions by EASYFIX The EASYFIX 
Pre-Filled Sausage Bags can be used in conjunction with The EASYFIX Silage Pit Bags. The Silage Pit Bag can be used along the bed of the silage pit, with the Sausage Bags being used along the perimeter. The Silage Pit Bags are evenly distributed along the polythene layer which eliminate air pockets and ensure a clean water run off!

Silage Pit Bags are the ultimate pit covering solution, creating a seamless finish whilst being more convenient!  By removing one layer of pit bags at a time ensures you provide the adequate amount of fodder to your animals, whilst reducing waste! The Silage Pit Bags can be neatly stacked on a pallet, stored away and reused the following year. This storage method surely is more appealing than compiling tyres around your yard.

What our customers have to say!
Since installing the EASYFIX Silage Pit Bags and Sausage Bags, I would never want to be without them again! Even a year on when preparing for this year’s pit, there was no waste in the remaining silage! The contractor and myself were amazed how clean the pit bags are and how they eliminated waste!- Sean, Beef Farmer, Galway

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