Steenks Service launches new tomato hook winding machine

After working hard behind the scenes for about 18 months, Steenks Service has announced that it has a new hook winder. This machine is now available at Steenks Service. Paul Vijverberg, Sander Zuidgeest and Wouter Steenks of Steenks Service have been involved in the development of this new machine from the beginning to the end. We spoke with Wouter Steenks about the development of the new tomato hook winder.

What prompted this development?
“We had had the previous model for many years and in view of the current electrotechnical developments we wanted to implement innovations. Our goal has always been to keep machines as simple and user-friendly as possible. ”

What exactly is different compared to the previous model?
“An important change that we have made is that the control of the free fall system has been completely renewed. There is also different type of engine in this machine. With the help of this new system and this new engine, the twine length and winding speed can be easily adjusted. The operation consisting of push buttons has also gone to a touchscreen model. The machine is suitable for both 18 and 22 cm hooks and will be delivered in a wooden transport box. Finally, the renewed model consists of stainless steel, while the previous model consisted of powder-coated steel. ”

How did the development go?
“The development went quite smoothly. Ultimately, two new prototypes were made. Ultimately, this is the 3rd and last model that has now become the end product. ”

More information about Steenks Service’s new hook winder?
For more information, you can contact Steenks Service on or visit the website Steenks Service can be reached by telephone on +31 (0) 174 510 266.

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