Steenks Service sells first fully automatic strapping machine in the plant sector

Fully automatic strapping has been generally known in the fruit and vegetable sector for many years. Reisopack’s strapping machines have proven themselves in recent years in strapping and securing batches of fruit and vegetables. Recently, Steenks Service installed its first fully automatic Reisopack 2905 High Speed at Bunnik Plants from Bleiswijk (a town in the Netherlands). This innovative machine is placed behind a stacking robot in a completely automatic processing line for pot plants.

Hundreds of thousands of pot plants pass through the company every week, many of which reach end customers inland and abroad via this processing line. Various plants, with or without added value, are packed in cardboard boxes and stacked on pallets by the robot in the processing line. Then the Reisopack 2905 High Speed takes over, after which the stacked goods are strapped with a plastic strapping band so that the load is properly held together during transport.

Strapping at different heights
The Reisopack 2905 HS can be used flexibly because it has several strapping programs. With this machine, you can strap pallets of numerous heights, whereby the number of strapping moments can also be set. A great saving of time is achieved by automatically placing and pressing the corner slats by the machine itself. This is still done manually at many companies, by walking around the pallet with the corner slats in hand. Because there is also a double buffer stock for corner slats, the 2905 will be able to do long production runs without stopping. Also, you can use two different types of corner slats, such as a long and short model.

Difference between the 2905 Standard and High Speed
Bunnik Plants had the option of two models; a 2905 Standard and 2905 High Speed. Ultimately, the HS version was chosen, mainly due to the increased speed of strapping pallets, as the name suggests. The High Speed is about 20% faster in strapping pallets than the Standard model. The HS can strap a pallet with 4 corner slats and 3 straps in 52 seconds, compared to the Standard which takes 65 seconds (excluding the feeding and removing of the pallet).

Strapping machines for the fruit and vegetable sector
Steenks Service has been working in horticulture for decades and has gained a lot of experience with strapping machines in the fruit and vegetable sector. That is why we are proud that the plant sector will integrate our strapping machines into their production processes. By embracing Reisopack strapping machines, the plant sector shows its confidence in this way of processing pallets.

Who is Bunnik Plants
Bunnik Plants is a pot plant nursery that has been known in the (international) plant market for years. This pot plant nursery is located in Bleiswijk (the Netherlands) and has experienced enormous growth in recent years. As a result, the range has also grown, which now consists of dozens of plant species. Bunnik Plants currently produces more than 600,000 plants per week at its location in Bleiswijk and a total of 1,000,000 are produced each week. They import from various countries in Asia, Central America, and the Mediterranean areas.

Also interested in an automatic strapping machine?
Are you also interested in an automatic strapping machine that can strap pallets horizontally and that can be integrated into a fully automated processing line? Or perhaps you are looking for a semi-automatic strapping solution. Feel free to contact us via telephone number +31(0) 174 510 266 or email at

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