Superior Pop-hole Doors

24 October 2023 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

Advantages of Superior Pop-hole Doors 
Superior pop-hole doors from Tulderhof are sturdy, they provide a soild tight seal when closed and they can be made to 3 standard sizes.
nTo maximize the insulation value, the superior pop-hole doors feature a slide manufactured from a 32mm sandwich polstyrene panel. For situations with scarce light close to the wall, the doors can be made from a 32mm polycarbonate sheet.

An aluminum profile is fitted around it with a custom-designed rubber seal that provides draught-free closure while also being smartly positioned to avoid damage from hens pecking.

The special mechanism invented by Tulderhof pushes the unit towards the wall when moving downwards, completely closing the gap.

These doors are also certified for fire class B and it is possible to mount them on the outside of the building transitioning into the winter garden.

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