Sustainable production is part of our DNA, and we look at how we can improve sustainability on all fronts

Modiform develops and produces growing, transport, and packaging systems for the horticultural sector and beyond. We deliver more than 10,000 unique articles across the world. We source materials from society and upcycle these into high-quality, smart, and sustainable products. Our clients require customised solutions. We understand the market and connect the parties that operate within it, from breeders to retail and consumers. This enables Modiform to turn this knowledge and creativity into innovative solutions. As a family business we have a hands-on approach and keep the lines short. This unique approach has given Modiform a leading position in the market. Working together with our clients, we get the best out of their company. We inspire each other. This creates improved efficiency, increased sales, and higher returns. We are dedicated to achieving this every day. We will help you find a creative solution that suits your needs. There is no such thing as ‘impossible’.

Together. Flexible. Enterprising.

Those are the basic principles that Modiform believes in, the principles that we as an organisation find important. They are our guiding compass, they describe how we do our work and what clients can expect from us.

Modiform is, and will remain, a family company. This means that continuity, mission, and a long-term vision link to vision are industry leading. We owe our existence to our clients and would not exist without our employees. The very essence of what ensures our success as well as the success of our clients is in our DNA. This is why we are committed to holding on to our seeds of success.


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