The best cover for your greenhouses

10 January 2021 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

Designed to give maximum reliability even in case of extreme weather events, to be resistant over time, to guarantee an exceptional diffusion of the light

No, because you risk to have a double loss: the frame, the plants as well as the result of your work!
The choice of materials for greenhouse coverings, must take into consideration the climatic changes in progress.
nToday more than in the past it is necessary to protect crops from so-called “water bombs” “hailstorms” or whirlwinds by choosing the right solution to protect your work against these events. MAGNIPLAST, with over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of sheets and rolls for the constructions of greenhouses, offers a new range of innovative products on the market.

The global and European climate situation is changing. We are witnessing more and more frequently sudden storms and hailstorms that damage our territory. The frequency of these events is increasing and those which once would be considered as exceptional events today are on the agenda. The greenhouse built with fragile covering material do notstand up to the devastating fury of these events, they are destroyed and with them, all the cultivation is lost.

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