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23 June 2023 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Modiform

Modiform and Jiffy are coming together at the ∑-Grow Pavilion: learn, share, and discover!

The Dutch town of Naaldwijk is where it’s happening! The World Horti Center is home to the ∑-Grow Pavilion: a collaboration between top companies in indoor farming. Visitors can learn all about the latest innovations and developments, while pioneering companies, government agencies, and institutions work hard to boost indoor farming technology. Growing healthy fruit and vegetables en masse in a way that is sustainable and futureproof lies at the heart of this ‘theme square’. A fantastic experience for visitors, and a space where companies are encouraged to reflect and act. Because we can only make a difference and improve food security, our health, and the sustainability of the food system if we do so together. 

The partnerships that you will see at the ∑-Grow Pavilion might surprise you, but they actually make perfect sense. Companies find common ground on the objectives they share. Take Modiform and Jiffy, for example: both companies serve professional growers. Modiform develops and manufactures trays and pots, while Jiffy’s range includes pots, pellets, coconut products, substrates, and plugs. The two companies are committed to sustainability and quality, and both know that sharing knowledge makes the sector more sustainable. It therefore makes sense for Jiffy and Modiform to show visitors what they are collaborating on at a shared stand.
nPeep into the diorama at the stand to see Modiform’s propagation tray 6670 used in combination with Jiffy Preforma. These trays are pre-filled and are delivered ready to use. You will also see another combination in the alcove: Modiform’s propagation tray 1541, which accommodates Jiffy’s 4 cm pots perfectly.

Collaboration, not competition 
Chantal Oostvogels, Global Communication and Marketing Manager at Jiffy explains, ‘When we look at the emerging developments in the world today, we should not see each other as competitors. Instead, we need to work together to produce the best solutions. We have a clear sustainability strategy, this way we have a focus on where we want to be in 2025. This strategy focuses on four pillars: reducing single use of fossil plastics and polymers, reducing  our footprint, being part of the circular economy, and increasing the proportion of sustainable raw materials.’ Modiform believes in this too. In fact, under its Horizon2025 ambition, for example, the market leader is specifically working on its ambition to make the entire horticultural industry sustainable and kick out virgin plastic by 2025. John van de Maarel, Sales Director at Modiform, adds, ‘Only by working structurally with all the companies and partners in our supply chain can we take sustainable steps to making horticulture fit for the future. An open-minded approach in which we add value. We create sustainable opportunities and turn them into better solutions for everyone. We dare to take a stance and call on everyone to make real changes to the industry together. The beautiful WHC and ∑-Grow Pavilion are the perfect place to work together to create sustainable solutions.’

Strong together
The fact that Jiffy and Modiform are collaborating at the ∑-Grow Pavilion is perfectly logical when you look at the values that the two companies share. You might go faster on your own, but together you will go a lot further. And that goes not just for companies collaborating, but also for visitors, who are actively encouraged to get involved and think about sustainable solutions. It is all about innovation and pooling resources. Chantal continues, ‘New technologies are essential if we want to keep producing enough healthy food and with the lowest possible footprint. By joining forces and sharing knowledge, we help growers and propagators improve their yield. This contributes to  keep high-quality fruit and vegetables available locally around the world.’ John agrees. ‘Like nature we are constantly looking for new ways to grow. Sustainable business is part of our family-run business’s DNA. By finding out more about the customer and market, we create sophisticated, cutting-edge solutions for cultivation systems, packaging, and transport. Together with our partners, we embrace the challenge of getting the most out of solutions – both now and certainly for the future!’

About Jiffy 
Jiffy aims to provide maximum support to professional growers by helping them with innovative and sustainable growing solutions. In this way, we can feed the world and make it more beautiful. With a wide range of pots, pellets, coconut products, substrates, and plugs, Jiffy always has the best solution for crops and processes, for companies large and small. Jiffy helps its customers yield more while wasting less. Jiffy’s sustainability pillars are in line with several UN objectives for sustainable development. Jiffy’s sustainability and innovation teams are always looking to collaborate with other parties and knowledge partners in order to have the biggest impact possible.

About Modiform
Modiform supports, facilitates, and develops simple and complex solutions for packaging needs, so as to add value to the supply chain. Thinking and acting sustainably is in the genes of this family company. Modiform’s focal points for sustainability come together in its Closed Loop Commitment. The material loop can and must be closed. Using the right materials and production techniques reduces products’ environmental impact. The Closed Loop Commitment consists of many building blocks: from sharing knowledge to producing recycled and recyclable products made from materials like plastic or alternatives like cardboard for the ecoExpert range. To this end, Modiform focuses on cooperation with a number of supply chain parties, from breeder and grower to trade and retail. Modiform collects materials from wider society and upcycles these into high-quality and unique products as well as innovative concepts.

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