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24 October 2023 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

The construction of animal housing, an agricultural building or barn, or the replacement of a roof, potentially made from asbestos, is something you prefer to worry about as little as possible. You already have enough on your mind. You want a roof which doesn’t cause any problems, but provides certainty. That is why five certainties will apply to your roof from SAB:

1. A traditional Dutch product
For almost 50 years we have operated from our home base in IJsselstein, where it all started with profile sheets and flashings. Then for 30 years, we supplied sandwich panels from Nieuwegein and now from a brand-new panel factory in Geldermalsen.

2. A sustainable roof 
Sustainable in all respects: steel lasts for a long time and can be recycled time after time. Certified from the raw material to the product supplied from the factory.

3. Up to 40 years Confidex® guarantee
Great products, like our pre-painted steel Colorcoat®, are supplied with a good guarantee. Confidex Guarantees cover our products for up to 40 years, maintenance-free.

4. A deal is a deal
Pragmatic and reliable. Ask our customers with whom we have been doing business for years. We deliver what we say and we resolve any problems.

5. Independent advice
Your result matters. Our experts are here to advise you on all aspects of the use of our products. From calculations to colour advice. If a different product is more suited to your needs, we will be honest about that.

A choice of SAB roof panels 
We offer roof panels with a 3-crown trapezoidal or 40-mm sinusoidal sheeting on the outside. We use PIR foam with very good insulating properties as the core material. SAB sandwich panels are also fireproof. In terms of fire classification, the panels are in class B-s2,d0. The panels can be supplied in a length of around 25 metres for fast assembly. SAB Profile supplies roof panels in the thicknesses 70, 90, 110, 130 and 160 mm, with a 3-crown trapezoidal sheeting/TL profiling and in the thicknesses 83, 120 and 160 mm, with sinusoidal sheeting/SL profiling.

There is also the economic ECO alternative. These roof panels have a steel outer plate and an inner lining made out of aluminium foil. Ideal for various agricultural uses and also less expensive to buy. The ECO alternative is only available in the 70-mm trapezoidal TG or 83-mm sinusoidal SG design, with a maximum length of 18 metres.

For the TL or SL profiles, our extensive range of Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® products are available in various colours. Both have excellent corrosion resistance and come with a guarantee of up to 40 years (including when PV/solar panels are used).

When replacing a roof or installing a new pitched roof, you want to worry about this as little as possible. You already have enough to think about. You want a roof that provides certainty. To this end, we work with various contractors and dealers in the country, to ensure you receive comprehensive advice.

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