Two Leading Companies Join Forces

On 21st May two leading companies in the poultry industry during the VIV exhibition in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Ommat / VSC based in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Salmet International based in Dietzenbach, Germany have signed a strategic exclusivity representation agreement.

VSC is part of the Ommat Group, which is the Lohmann layer Day Old Chicks distributor in Saudi Arabia, Gulf States and Yemen. Ommat is also a producer of broiler day old chicks and commercial broilers in both Sudan and Egypt. VSC is a leading supplier of vaccines and veterinary services in the region with a vast and experienced team of poultry specialists available for the Middle East.

Salmet International GmbH is a leading and successful manufacturer of fully automated poultry systems for the layer and broiler industry, based in Germany. Salmet has two manufacturing sites in Germany and offers over 50 years of experience and knowledge in the poultry industry.

OMMAT/VSC will represent SALMET International on an exclusive basis in the following countries : Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen and Oman.

OMMAT/ VSC have established a spare parts warehouse located in Jeddah to offer all existing and future clients a more efficient spare parts all over the Middle East.

Ommat / VSC and Salmet together will implement a technical support team that will do the installation and service on the Salmet projects in the Middle EAST .

The team of poultry specialists of OMMAT will be available to advise and assist farmers in the best possible way to improve the farm results. With this merge OMMAT/VSC and Salmet will be able to supply fast and efficient services to the customers in the Middle East.

More information is available on the website of OMMAT

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