UNIBOX – Individual Calf Boxes

19 April 2022 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

Uni Box – demountable boxes for calves are designed for individual calf housing in calf barns or under the roof during nutrition. Demountable boxes are easy to assemble in a variety of options on flat or slightly sloped surfaces to suit the specific conditions and needs of the farmer.

The construction of the boxes enables the personnel to remove the sidewall (partition) and combine two or more boxes into one big box. This allows the so-called pair breeding and the calves to get used to the post-weaning group housing.

The fully demountable construction with smooth walls is easy to clean and disinfect, which reduces the transmission of microorganisms. We also recommend tube ventilation to reduce infection pressure. The front (entrance) gate of the individual box is easy to open and detach. The gate is equipped with 2 bucket holders and 2 buckets. The width of the opening above the buckets can be adjusted (widen or narrowed) according to the size of the calves.

The height-adjustable bucket holder is available as an accessory.

external: width 1300 mm,
length 2000 mm,
inner: width 1211 mm,
length1893 mm; height: 1040 mm

More information: www.stalltechnologie.de

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