Van der Ende Groep completes its management team

The management team of Van der Ende Groep

 “On 1 January 2022, Chris van Staalduinen joined Van der Ende Groep’s management team in the role of CFO.”

Van der Ende Groep has grown substantially in recent years. Both nationally and internationally. The family company, which started out in horticulture and is still known by its oldest customers as “Van der Ende Pumps”, has put a lot of energy into building a strong internal organisation over the last three years. “When a company is growing, you encounter a whole range of challenges. One of these is restructuring the internal organisation. Because the growth always comes first, of course,” explains Lex van der Ende.

“An important aspect of restructuring is also taking a critical look at the composition of the management team, and consequently at the division of roles. In addition to Arie van der Wijden (Operations) and Micha van Nieuwkerk (Commercial), we’ve brought in two management team members from outside the sector: Chris van Staalduinen (Financial, since 01 January 2022; previously BDO Accountants) and Marcel Boon (HR & Organisation, since 01 January 2021; previously ABN AMRO). This really creates a different dynamic in our management team,” says Lex enthusiastically.

Marcel: “I really feel at home here. The culture of our family company is a breath of fresh air compared with where I worked before. Proactive, informal yet professional, solution oriented, enterprising and a real customer focus. I’m proud and honoured to be part of it.”

The present composition of the management team means that all the crucial roles are filled and Van der Ende Groep can optimally focus on its ambitious national and international goals. Micha van Nieuwkerk: “We want to continue providing our customers at home and abroad with the best possible service and maximum support. With innovative products – whether our own or other people’s – and specialist knowledge. This is where we really show our excellence.”

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