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For more then 25 years the experience of Jacques Maes (owner of Vermako) as a former grower, is used to make greenhouse constructions to the special horticulture needs.

Vermako designs greenhouses custom made and delivered where needed. The standard sizes are 6.40m, 9.60m and 12.80m. They can be used separately or combined with multiple ventilation types. The roof is opened where you have the highest temperatures, on top. Openings can be fix, single or double ventilation. Gutter height can be made up to 5.5m and a ridge height of 8.60m is not an exception. All construction materials are produced by Vermako.

The structure materials are hot-dip-galvanized tubes. The aluminium gutter and ridge profiles are designed by Vermako.

The zendzimir bows are placed each 2m or 2.50m (depends of crop load and/or snow load). Different plastic films can be used, adapted to the crop and climatic conditions:
• Thermal films reducing temperature during the day and increasing temperature at night
• More positive attributes when using double film (might be also different films)
• Clear or diffuse films
• Anti condensate equipment

The greenhouse is storm resistant up to 125 km/h, calculated with European standards NEN 3859. Profiles are foreseen for installing insect nets. With our poly ventilation, we can change the roof opening with 1 motor (left or right). The lifting of the construction and the tensioning of the plastic film are one of a kind.

When desired by the customer, Vermako can build the greenhouse itself. Because of this reason, we can give 2 years of guarantee on the greenhouse construction. On the condition that there is an yearly annual done by our people.

New type: 12.80 fix (and moveable), recently installed by Olij Roses breeding Naivasha – Kenya

After a long search, we finally moved to our new location: Careelstraat 11, B-8700 TIELT. In 2008 we bought the 1.6 ha grand site and build an additional new warehouse. In 2010 we started the construction of our office building and moved in November 2011.

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