Very first halogen-free, flame-retardant reflective woven groundcover

Beaulieu Technical Textiles is a worldwide textile expert for greenhouse constructions! Today BTT offers the flame-retardant and unique halogen-free version of white ground covers. If you want optimal security for your greenhouse and protection for your staff, Agrolys WH FR is the right choice.

Agrolys® are very light-reflecting high-quality white ground covers, which optimally stimulate a uniform growth or the color of fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and plants. This increases the yield and quality of the crop due to the extra diffuse light from the soil. These reflective fabrics are therefore an integral part of any greenhouse construction.

Agrolys is the world’s first halogen-free FR woven ground cover that meets the Dutch flame retardant standard NTA 8825 class 1. In addition, it meets the European standard EN 13501-1 Class B S1 to contain smoke and also complies with the American NFPA 701 National Fire Protection Standards.

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