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9 March 2015 | Int. Greenhouse Guide |

During the choice of the different climate systems to install inside a greenhouse, it’s immediately taken in account the equipment for heating, irrigation, screening, ventilation, cooling systems and so on. Most of the times instead, the Fog System is considered optional, or worse, secondary. When a greenhouse is built, with its relative expenses for the most “common” system, growers tend to save money on the Fog System, because it’s not considered essential in the whole of the climatic systems which are necessary for the own crop. In this sense, however, what is unclear is that in this way it’s undertaken a path to the success “traveling with the handbrake on”. During the twenty years experience of the Vifra firm (company that produces and installs the High Pressure Fog System) has been repeatedly confirmed, proper by many growers, the necessity to control all the essential factors for the photosyntesis, including the humidity. Naturally, no grower underestimate the importance of the humidity factor, but only few of them is aware of how much essential is the way to manage it.

The Vifra Fog System assures a uniform humidity. Using high pressure, in addition, you are assured that the water drops won’t deposite on the crop, and it ensures coverage over the entire surface intended, resulting in the achievement of the long-sought ideal climate.

Collecting the various reports of the satisfied owners of the Vifra Fog System, we have identified the real and visible effects on some types of crop:

Tomatoes: Improved weather conditions permitting greater pollination by bumblebees;
Strawberry: Strenghtening of the product skin which makes it more resistant to transport and improves the preservation;
Orchids: Getting the product finished with 1 week in advance and the leaf of the plant is properly hydrated;
Cymbidium: Extention of the flowering time beyond 8/10 weeks;
Anthuryum: Increasment of the number of flowers per pot and more brightness for flowers and leaves.

In conclusion, the Vifra Fog System without any doubts is one of the most accessible investement in the climatic system industrial contest, it is the one that day by day becomes more and more indispensable for grower product, and, above all, it is the only one which really power up the greenhouse.

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