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9 March 2015 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Vyncke NV

A Profitable Energy Resource for Greenhouses!

To save energy costs, Vyncke installed a CNS hot water boiler, which replaces the existing gas-fired boilers and burns compost refusals, prunings and trimmings.

This is a project where not only the buyers, but also their neighbours profit.

Seeing the volatile price of fossil fuels, two greenhouse growing neighbours, Mts Hoeijmakers- Huijs and Bouten Glastuinbouwbedrijf BV, were seeking a profitable and environmental friendly solution to limit the increasing energy costs.

After 4 years of research, and many visits to alternative installations all over Europe, they decided to invest in a 5 MW Vyncke energy plant. A 10 – 15% economization is calculated. The installation uses 10.000 tonnes of shredded wood on a yearly basis, supplied by a local threshing contractor.

Local to local is their motto.

Their plant provides energy to their greenhouses but also through district heating to two neighbouring greenhouse nurseries. In the near future another colleague and a school will join this energy network.

Close contact with the local authorities was very important to gain approval, goodwill and cooperation.

MEI-, IRE -en SDE-funding was requested and granted.

Payback time is estimated to be less than 5 year.

More information: www.vyncke.com

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