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6 February 2023 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

Drinking enough water is important for human and animal health. Water is the most crucial nutrient we administer to our livestock. Thereby, an animal consists largely of water and water acts as a solvent and transport medium. With water, the animal regulates its body temperature and disposes of harmful substances. So water is crucial for good health. Yet the importance of water is often underestimated: water is water, right?

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The water must be tasty
Animals are picky. If the taste and smell of the water is different, they will drink less water. First we look at the tastiness of the water. Tasty water means that the drinking water contains little iron, salts or organic substances. Once animals have become accustomed to certain water, they usually like it and usually drink this water well. On the condition that the contents are within the standards. With a rapid change in the content of iron, hardness and salts, the water absorption can decrease. However, even if the hardness is very low, the water can be considered less tasty.

The water cannot be harmful
The water may be palatable but still harmful in terms of composition. For instance, the presence of nitrogen compounds such as ammonium, nitirite and nitrate largely determines whether or not water is harmful to livestock.

The water must be easily accessible
By this we mean that animals should have enough places to drink water and these places should be easily accessible.

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