WELTEC BIOPOWER develops new, intuitive user interface for biogas plant control systems

15 February 2024 | Int. Livestockhousing Guide |

WB Control: Comprehensive monitoring of the entire biogas plant for optimum performance

The biogas plant control system from WELTEC BIOPOWER is receiving a general update: This includes new functionalities for process optimization as well as a user interface that provides a quick and comprehensive overview of the entire plant thanks to a symbolism designed according to the latest findings and clarity in the display. The control system sections previously known as LoMos and CeMos will also merge under the new name WB Control in future. WB Control can be used for both small and complex industrial systems.

The web-based software gives operators complete and fast access to all important system parameters. A customizable dashboard provides a quick overview of the most important process data at any time. Several users can access WB Control simultaneously.

The intuitive, logical navigation through the software offers maximum transparency and security for an efficient workflow. „The increased requirements of plant operators and investors for comprehensive and clear monitoring of plant data, especially for continuous process optimization, were the guiding principle for us when designing the modern control system,“ emphasizes Wolfgang Bokern, Head of Technology at WELTEC BIOPOWER.

Diagrams and reports can be created individually according to defined values and summarized into daily, monthly or annual overviews at the click of a mouse. Optimum energy planning to avoid peak loads is achieved, for example, through overviews of the agitator intervals. This allows agitators to be controlled individually.

The new user interface enables a wide range of business evaluation options, such as trend analyses and other graphical evaluations of individually defined values such as consumption data or production figures. Thanks to the archiving and export functions, all data is available at any time as proof for authorities, banks and external experts.

Newly integrated functions such as FellowFeed and GuidoFill simplify the feeding process and make everyday work easier. FellowFeed measures the target filling level of the gas and automatically adjusts the feeding quantities if required. GuidoFill provides operators with a tool that supports the correct filling of their solid matter feeders with a mixture of input materials. On the basis of job lists, pumping and feeding processes can be precisely timed and displayed using the filter function. Overviews of gas management and water distribution allow other material flows in the system to be monitored.

Individually configurable alarm management informs users immediately in the event of system malfunctions. This allows the operator to react quickly and the WELTEC BIOPOWER service team can connect to the control system at any time via remote control to resolve any malfunctions that arise.

More information: www.weltec-biopower.com

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