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Our farmers are facing stringent demands. Looking to the future, we have to ask ourselves: What exactly are the challenges that a farmer has to deal with? What needs to happen on the farm to make sure farming is future-proof? We discuss these points with Rainer Sterrenberg from JOZ Fachzentrum Nord.

JOZ Fachzentrum Nord
JOZ Fachzentrum Nord is a JOZ barn robot dealer in Germany. This specialist center provides farmers with advice on designing and equipping their barns, and works exclusively with JOZ products. ‘This is the place to come both for the purchase of new products and replacement parts,’ says Rainer. ‘Most spare parts are kept in stock as standard, so we can deliver them within 24 hours.’

The challenges of a future-proof farm
nAs director of JOZ Fachzentrum Nord, Rainer is well aware of the challenges farmers are currently facing. ‘Farmers have to produce in a carbon-neutral way, process manure as well as possible, organize nutrient management, automate their farms, and, last but not least, respect animal welfare,’ he explains. ‘That’s more than enough work!

‘In Germany, farmers tend to only have a couple of employees, so automation technology is essential to meet the challenges. Automating technical barn equipment, such as milking systems, aisle cleaning systems, and feed supply systems, is becoming increasingly important.’

‘However, automation isn’t just beneficial for the work,’ says Rainer, ‘it also promotes animal health. Digitising the barn makes life more comfortable for cows, and allows preventive animal welfare measures in all kinds of areas. For example, barn hygiene can be kept at high level with the help of an automatic manure scraper or manure robot. This considerably reduces the risk of cows suffering claw disorders.’

‘Cows like to have feed available at all times. A feed pusher robot means they always have access to fresh feed, which reduces stress in the barn and in the herd in general. Moreover, permanent access to feed has a positive impact on milk yields.’

Circular Farming
JOZ respects the circular farming principle. All the products needed on a farm are part of the cycle that the cows go through. Rainer: ‘It starts with smarter feeding, and ends with more efficient use of manure and fertilizer. Among other aspects, circular farming is about valorizing manure. We can now extract nutrients and minerals from manure in such a way that they can be made available when really needed. The Gazoo nitrogen cracker can help farmers in this respect.’

‘The Gazoo is a welcome innovation in the northwest of Germany in particular, because this is one of the most intensive dairy areas in the country. That means more cows per square metre, so the nitrogen cracker is extremely useful here.’

Advice and service
For every challenge faced by the farmer, JOZ has an appropriate solution. ‘At the end of the day, JOZ’s technology really pays off,’ says Rainer. ‘Obviously it’s important to get good advice about what’s best for your specific needs. JOZ Fachzentrum Nord is specialised in JOZ products, so we can answer virtually all questions from farmers about this. That makes farmers much more confident about using JOZ products.’

‘Another advantage is that most spare parts are in stock here. As a result, we can deliver most of them within 24 hours throughout Germany, and any equipment downtime is minimised. That’s great news for farmers.’

A strong partner
‘JOZ is accompanying the dynamics of the agricultural era,’ says Rainer. ‘It’s an innovative company that focuses purely on the best manure and feeding techniques, without being distracted by manufacturing all kinds of by-products. JOZ’s products make farmwork easier and keep cows healthier.’

‘Worldwide, there are all kinds of themes farmers have to consider, such as the “barn of the future”. If you want to continuously optimize your farm, the innovative products from JOZ are a solution. JOZ is a strong partner for farmers. Together, we’re shaping the future, so I view the coming time with great optimism.’


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