Yet again a great solution, taking care of the growers. Qii-Lift Z – Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics

The first step to a successful healthy growth plan, is daily observing. A task you want to organize in the most ecient way possible. The answer Bogaerts provides for this challenge is the Qii-Lift Z, also
nreferred to as our ‘scouting trolley’.

This trolley is specically developed for the comfort of those who are confronted with tasks that require them to navigate within the glass mazes of vegetables. The Qii-Lift Z is equipped with features that provide unmistakable advantages. The most benecial results are time savings and instant sharing of knowledge as the lift allows multiple people on the platform, navigating them throughout the greenhouse without having to descend from it. Something which by itself increases professional eciency and decreases irritations, creating an environment for the operator that supports diligent and passionate work.

The heart of this development consists out of a high quality hydraulic scissor lift, equipped with designated features such as a steering wheel and our patented combi-gear drive. A valuable combination that ensures easy navigation and a compact turning radius referred to as a ‘Zero-Turn’, originating back to the name of this trolley, Qii-Lift Z.

All technical specications enable the trolley to be operated on both the concrete path and the piperails. Transferring from one to another is done smoothly in one go and does not require any physical human displacement. Meaning all those who are present on the lift platform remain on it as the trolley gets maneuvered through the greenhouse. The lift reaches a maximum height of 6.500mm (depending on the type) where the movement from piperail to concrete is limited to a height of 1.500mm in support of safety measures for the operators.

Besides its general use of scouting, our clients often even utilize them for simple things like a quick tour with the manager, a general visit with the cultivation advisor and probably other things of which we’re not privileged to be informed.

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A great solution, taking care of the growers

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