ZIEHL-ABEGG to Cannabis: ventilation power & delicacy

Solvent reliable ventilation is more than welcome, a must at controlled-environment agriculture (CEA). When it comes to medical Cannabis growing indoors, this necessity requires of professional knowledge and experience.

Over any other commercial crop cultivated in a greenhouse, notable progress in the plants development is achieved when the usual recommendations for air renovation exceed the typical rate of 60 to 75 to 80 renewals per hour. Considering all the equipment involved in Cannabis rooms and the magnitude of the adult plants demand for very power ventilation systems, capable of affording the necessary duty points and also providing sufficient flexibility and resiliency in case of eventualities that rise them punctually. 

The best solution nowadays is MAXvent owlet system, meeting all material, functional and safety criteria to work solvently in a greenhouse and, on top of it, adding controllability and a remarkable power reserve.

 Now, renewal does not guarantee an even environment inside the cultivation room. We need air circulation (moving or mixing air to control temperature, humidity and CO2 distribution) and especially for crops like Cannabis, air movement in between the leaves makes the difference. 

Here the ruler is ZAplus Greenhouse Fan: reliable, efficient, long-lasting and very quiet. 

Both systems can be seen in action in the last high-tech growing facilities for medical Cannabis in Portugal by J. Huete International. The project involves the latest developments in terms of cultivating tables, lightening and climate control. The extra point of sophistication is added by the Positive Pressure System as prophylactic strategy against diseases and pests.

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