REVENTA® climate systems are a true factor for success in pig and poultry production. REVENTA® has been creating the best conditions around the world for over 35 years now: For animals welfare, for lower energy consumption and for reduced production costs

The products and systems are developed and produced by over 100 REVENTA® employees in Horstmar – a town in the northern part of Germany, characterised by agriculture. Quality “Made in Germany”, the close proximity to customers and extensive experience gained in practice make REVENTA® the ideal partner for stable planners and agricultural architects when it comes to stable climate. A climate system aligned with every stable to the tinniest detail ensures low investment, a reduction in energy costs and a simultaneous increase in production assurance. Through the provision of competent advice, the comprehensive REVENTA® product programme with system modules and custom designs, REVENTA® formulates the optimum solution for each individual customer. Added to this come strong ideas and developments, which are constantly setting industry benchmarks.