Aponix re-invents the single-use plastic netpot and replaces it with a reusable young plant plug holder that includes an optional metal trellis holder

The aponix vertical barrel components are meant to be robust horticulture building blocks for commercial production activities _and_ prosumer solutions enabling users to set up hydroponic grow spaces efficiently within 3-dimensional space. Practically it works like a traditional 2D-NFT with guided vertical drip irrigation but in 3D using lego-like elements with many options and variations possible.

The goal of the aponix vertical barrel / 3D-NFT is to provide an alternative to rack systems for hyperlocal edible plant production in urban areas. Mission is to eliminate food miles and waste around food logistics and at the same time delivering more varieties harvested at the ideal ripeness to consumers for higher level nutrition and more fun.

Aponix is extending the system constantly. The latest addition to the toolbox is a new single-use plastic net pot replacement – the aponix reusable trellis plug pot. The pot will be much more solid that its existing counterparts so it can be reused over and over again. The shape is two thirds open with some gentle spikes in the bottom to hold young plants that have been grown in glue plugs or alternative substrates. The plug can be inserted directly into the system.

To make it even more versatile the plug pot has 2 parallel holes where users can insert a 3mm metal plant trellis with different shapes to support larger plants or fruiting crops. Different trellis shapes and heights will be available. A click system keeps the plug and the fruit tightly attached to the metal plant trellis to support heavy fruit (or flowers).

The idea is also that the trellis plug pot can also be used in any other hydroponic system that provides an exact circular 5cm diameter hole for plants. Of course it will fit best into the grow spaces in aponix vertical barrels.

The new reusable plug pot will be available from mid October 2020 and can be pre-ordered here https://www.aponix.eu/shop/reusable-aponix-trellis-plugpot-2-inch5cm/.

For more information on the aponix vertical barrel please visit https://www.aponix.eu or follow aponix.eu on https://www.facebook.com/aponix.eu.