Besides producing pig feeders, floor heating elements and piglet covers, Verba from Holland also supplies plastic sheets and HPL sheets for many years

Their highly versatile LDPE and HDPE plastic sheeting is available in a range of thicknesses. The sheets can be given various common finishes including a smooth surface, studded or diamond structure, coloured film or a robust, rubber anti-slip top layer. This type of sheeting is widely used in the agricultural sector.

Verba can machine the plastic sheets in a variety of ways in-house at their facility in Holland, such as sawing, milling shapes or relief patterns, drilling, folding and even plastic welding.

The huge benefit of the LDPE and HDPE plastic products is the unparalleled service life and durability they offer. In addition, 95% of the sheets Verba supplies are made from recycled material. This reduces the cost price and makes the product environmentally friendly. 

If you are interested in the possibilities, or would like more information about Verba’s competitive prices for processed or unprocessed sheeting, please do not hesitate to contact Verba on +31 (0)413 474036 or via their email address

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