Save pipe rail trolleys for de Bakker Westland

On the left Wouter Steenks and on the right Roel de Bakker


De Bakker Westland is a tomato grower that is located in Kwintsheul, the Netherlands. In a greenhouse of 6 hectares De Bakker Westland grows tomatoes. They are a member of growers association ‘Prominent’. De Bakker has chosen to invest in two new pipe rail trolleys which are in lline with the newest laws and regulations.

New pipe rail trolleys of Berkvens
The Berkvens GL5000-D is launched in 2021. These trolleys meet the latest European law and regulations. Protections, sensors and a good construction ensures the compliance with legislation. Due to these law and regulations it is safe to work with the trolleys. According to Sander of Steenks Service the trolleys are really of this time: ‘The trolleys are innovative and developed in such a way that they are low in maintenance and easy to use. For this reason, the trolleys could be used to do the crop work in a safe and efficient way’. At this moment there are long delivery times and high prices of raw materials which makes it hard to deliver new products. However, the trolleys could be delivered by Wouter himself the day after ordering. Roel de Bakker is very happy with the fast delivery and personal service. You can see how this works via the link below.

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