Keep the fire burning, efficiently and independently

Since 1912, VYNCKE has been designing and building industrial energy plants that convert biomass waste and sorted industrial waste into green and clean energy – thermal energy (steam, hot water, thermal oil, hot gas…) or electricity, or any combination of these energy media.

VYNCKE mainly supplies to the agri-food industry, the wood industry and all other industries that choose to make use of biomass and solid recovered fuels instead of fossil fuels. VYNCKE provides solutions, not products. Each solution is tailor-made to suit the needs of each customer. VYNCKE is a fourth-generation global family business – with roots in West Flanders, Belgium with settlements in Flanders, Brazil, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, China, Thailand and Malaysia. 

More than 100 years of experience converged in a continuous pursuit of innovation and good cooperation with other specialists. 

Recent novelties are the recuperation of CO2 from flue gases of a biomass fired boiler and the implementation of a heat pump to increase efficiency herewith turning low temperature lost heat into useful high temperature heat.

But the latest development is the analyzing of data and all critical indicators of the operation of the boiler on our platform SMARTPLANT, a part of our VCARE solutions. This Cloud Based Open IoT Operating System is a dashboard that adds intelligence to your energy plant. This platform offers a lot of benefits: lower costs with better planned maintenance stops, higher efficiency, more insights on fouling… VYNCKE is now offering customers more added value thanks to data mining and full transparency on how our systems work. This platform will grow along with our and your ambitions.

With the building of our own Technology Experience Center in Czech Republic, VYNCKE will not only know the chemical fuel properties but will also be able to determine all physical and mechanical characteristics of all kinds of biomass and other solid fuels and calibrate our core products even better.

Again VYNCKE keeps standing for the reference in the field of biomass energy plants.