The plug and play Laboratory for your greenhouse

Meet CE-LINE, a breakthrough innovation for water and nutrient management in greenhouse horticulture. Self-calibrating, self-cleaning and with automated water sampling, CE-LINE delivers accurate nutrient data throughout the day.

Escudo 12
8305 BM, Emmeloord

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CE-LINE nutrient measurement installed at WUR-Bleiswijk

In the WUR location Bleiswijk we contribute to a program to show how we can minimize energy use in the greenhouse. Nutrient use is an important part of this. With CE-Line we c...
14 May 2024

Improving Water Processes with CE-LINE: The Ultimate Solution

CE-LINE is a truly unique platform technology, that measures any charged component in water, and calibrates itself!  True connection of the lab to the process. The power of a...
13 May 2024

CE-Line: managing nutrient measurements through plug & play automation

CE-Line offers an innovative solution for automated nutrient measurements, providing a seamless "plug & play" experience for monitoring essential nutrients in both irrigat...
15 January 2024

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