BASUSAD Secretary General Nuri Göktepe: “Pressurized Irrigation Sector Raised the Bar in Exports”

14 September 2023 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | GrowTech

Nuri Göktepe, Secretary General of Pressurized Irrigation Industrialists’ Association (BASUSAD) stated that the effects of global warming are felt more across the whole world and said that conscious consumption of water as a sine qua non of agriculture sector is gaining importance.

Drawing attention to the importance of saving water in agricultural irrigation Nuri Göktepe expressed that BASUSAD works for expanding in Türkiye the scope of pressurized irrigation systems that bear importance in combating drought.

Stressing that with its 33 members BASUSAD represents 80 per cent of the sector  continues on its stable growth trend in exports Göktepe said that they built great commercial connections  and grew their target markets.

“Water”: World’s Strategic Source and Food for Agriculture
Stating that they export commodities to over 40 countries in South America, North Africa, Russia, Europe, and the Middle East Nuri Göktepe added: “We have realized once again the importance of food supply due to the effects of Covid-19 pandemic and global warming. Water is one of the most essential inputs of the agriculture sector. Contrary to common belief, water is a restricted source   and thus saving water plays a crucial role in the agriculture sector. 77% of the water used in our country, in other words 3/4 of it is utilized for agricultural irrigation purposes. 3/4 of agricultural irrigation is conducted via the uncontrolled method of traditional flood irrigation method. This system helps the irrigation of the field not the plant. This is because  half of the consumed water is wasted. It is of vital importance that traditional flood irrigation method be prohibited in respect of countering drought in our country.

Water is a strategically significant source across the entire globe and has guided the whole countries to develop appropriate products due to global warming. As representatives of the pressurized irrigation sector, we now have our voice be heard at a global scale with the help of our product range and quality that will allow us to economically use water on earth. The Growtech Fair, 22nd of which is being held this year, bears great importance in respect of our sector as it gathers all relevant components of the agriculture sector. Agricultural Fairs bear importance for the entire components of the agriculture sector. Growtech is amidst most successful events. Growtech Fair ensures the meeting of local and international stakeholders with different components of agriculture sector as irrigation, greenhouse, seed growing, fertilizer, seedling, etc. As BASUAD members we participate in this fair ever since day one.”

Traditional Flood Irrigation Method Leads to Wastage   
Referring to the importance of government subsidies and support for expanding the use of pressurized irrigation systems whose initial investment cost is high, Göktepe added the following: “Given traditional flood irrigation leading to wasting around 18 billion cubic meters of water per year, the cost of obtaining such volume of water, and use of 20% of additional imported energy   in traditional flood irrigation it will be clearly seen that free delivery of pressurized irrigation systems to the farmers under a certain plan (through government donations) will be a more economic choice as existing circumstances are taken into account. The sources may be used for expanding the pressurized irrigation systems whereby two-fold area may be irrigated with the use of existing water  rather than building new dams. Relevant sources should be allocated out of the existing investment budgets.

Growtech offers global opportunities to the sector  
Stating that every year they witness at Growtech new success stories of the Turkish pressurized irrigation systems sector at international arena, Engin Er the Fair Director said they have been expecting this trend to continue this year.

Pointing out that the fair gains strength every year with new participants, Engin Er added:  “We are grateful to see that the fair is enriched with national participation. Every single year the number of national and international participants are on the rise. Last year we hosted participants from 27 countries. Furthermore,  Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Africa, China, and South Korea were represented with national participation at the Growtech  bringing together international agriculture sector professionals. China managed to engage in a growth trend again in the wake of the pandemic. China alongside with participants from over 120 countries participating at Growtech    aims at accessing global agriculture via the Growtech. China will leave its mark on Growtech 2023 with the help of around 100 Chinese companies. International demand to participate in the Fair is on the rise.  Germany, Spain, Italy, China, the Netherlands, and South Korea will participate in Growtech 2023 with national representation”.

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