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18 July 2023 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | GrowTech

Growtech, the world’s largest greenhouse agriculture sector fair, will bring together 600 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and over 50 thousand visitors from more than 120 countries for the 22nd time on November 22-25, 2023 at Anfaş Expo Center, Antalya.

Trade platform for the international agriculture sector
For the 22nd time, Growtech will bring together exhibitors and visitors from all over the world in the product groups “Greenhouse and Technologies”, “Irrigation Systems and Technologies”, “Seed Growing”, “Plant Nutrition” and “Plant Protection”. Making statements on the fair, Engin Er said, “Türkiye is one of the 20 largest economies in the world with a growing population of about 83 million people and is also a major agricultural producer and exporter in the global markets. Our country, which is the 7th largest agricultural producer and exporter in the world, brings together the global agricultural sector with the Growtech fair and makes a major contribution to the world’s agricultural exports. Our companies can reach their target markets faster and easier with Growtech. International buyers can boost their business by finding all the products and solutions they are looking for at Growtech.”

6 countries took their place with National Participation
Noting that both national and international important agricultural companies have intense participation requests, Mr. Er said: “The number of national and international exhibitors is increasing every year. This year we will host exhibitors from more than 20 countries. In addition to China, which withdrew from international markets due to the pandemic and has returned to international markets by taking part at Growtech with many more companies this year, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France and South Korea will meet with international agricultural sector professionals at Growtech with national participation.”

Innovation in agriculture is the main agenda item…
This year, as in 2022, Growtech will host important events where the future of agriculture will be discussed. In addition to international expert speakers, innovation will again be on the agenda with the ATSO Growtech Agriculture Innovation Awards in cooperation with Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Plant Breeding Project Market organized by Antalya Teknokent.

“Agriculture Talks”, which will be held in cooperation with agriculture writer Mine Ataman and Growtech, will be with you with insightful conversations about agricultural technologies and the future of agriculture. Growtech will continue to ask questions, seek answers and provide new perspectives on agricultural technologies with Agriculture Talks.

Growtech Supports Sustainability
Explaining that they include sustainability as an agenda item in every project they implement, Engin Er said: “We want to play a role in bringing our exhibitors, visitors and other stakeholders together in an inspiring environment to provide a sustainable efficiency that increases the added value of agricultural production. With this goal in mind, as Growtech, we are among the partners of the “Climate – Water – Agriculture” Meeting for a Sustainable Future, organized by Agro Business, and conducted jointly by AGRO TV and Boğaziçi University İklimBu. On November 22-25, we will be a platform where the most important issue in agriculture, Water, will be discussed with important international sessions, speakers and important names in the irrigation sector.”

Doğan Başaran, CEO of Agro TV Türkiye, emphasized that they aim to build bridges by combining the awareness of all parties of agriculture to ensure the continuity of the ecosystem in a self-renewing way for a sustainable life: “We have organized the ‘Climate – Water – Agriculture’ Summit for a Sustainable Future, the first step of the awareness project that we will create with events, reports and documentaries that will last until 2024. We will bring the whole sector together for our future in our event, which we aim to gather our entire geography from Mesopotamia to Konya Plain. We will also discuss the Water issue, which is the most important agenda item of agriculture, in an international framework hosted by Growtech.”

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