Indoor Cannabis Ventilation by ZIEHL-ABEGG

Only few crops can be found at this level of profitability and where cutting-edge technology is so worth it. Even fewer where ventilation is such a crucial primary production factor.

Intensive cultivation of Cannabis is typically indoors, so the environment can be controlled and adapted to the particular needs of these plants; indoors meaning both greenhouses or cleanrooms, depending on the local climate conditions. There are good reasons for this: from the one or two crop harvests feasible from outdoor conditions, up to six per year are reachable indoors, ten times more production per hectare.

These plants are extremely sensitive to air exchange and circulation; only professional ventilation engineering can achieve optimum performance. The ventilation of intensive Cannabis cultivation, whether in greenhouses or in a vertical cultivation room, must consider three independent but complementary and balanced systems:

1. Air renewal, observing ratios above the usual values for horticultural crops and considering sub-radicular systems.

2. Air recirculation, for an adequate destratification and balancing of the environmental conditions.

3. Gentle ventilation directly over the plant, to stimulate development, resistance and prevent health problems.

For these three applications, ZIEHL-ABEGG has developed the perfect ventilation system: ZAplus

The ZAplus fan system means external rotor motor with either AC or ECblue technology, advanced bionic designed impeller and corrosion-free composite housing with integrated guide vanes. The ZAplus fan system is high performing and efficient, reliable, flexible, resilient, durable, maintenance-free and, last but not least, guarantees the adequate air throw required by professional Cannabis production, thanks to its air diffuser working together with its dedicated grill cross. In conclusion, ventilation is key to any intensive growing room or greenhouse; for Cannabis it makes a difference whether an adequate profit, usually well above any horticultural crop, or a nightmare of constant infections, underproduction and certification problems in the case of medical cannabis.

Let us introduce you to the Cannabis real ventilation! 

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