Invitation to participate in the first AI Communication Award

Jury Chairman Johannes Keller (Applied AI) and CEO Dr. Marc Wucherer from the industrial company Ziehl-Abegg look forward to receiving a whole host of candidates.


Applications in the field of AI and communication can be submitted free of charge from February 2024

 In the lead-up to the first presentation of the AI Communication Award on 2nd July 2024, the organizers invite innovators and visionaries from the field of artificial intelligence to submit their projects. This unique award aims to recognize excellence in AI-powered communication and provides a platform for the presentation of innovative ideas to a broad public.

The AI Communication Award 2024 represents a first in the world of AI-based communication. This award recognises those individuals who are pushing the boundaries of technology and breaking new ground in digital communication, ranging from new ways of evaluating data using AI in marketing and PR, to AI-generated films. The competition is open to anyone working in the fields of AI and digital communications – from established professionals to emerging talent, including students. “We are hoping to be pleasantly surprised, in a positive way, by the range of applications submitted,” says jury Chairman Johannes Keller from Applied AI. Submissions can be registered from the end of February 2024, participation is free of charge.

Jury of specialists
The jury is made up of prominent individuals from the fields of AI, digitalisation and marketing, guaranteeing a fair and expert assessment of all submissions. The Chairman of the jury is Johannes Keller from Applied AI. The jury includes the following experts in AI/digitalisation: Prof. Dr. Seon-Su Kim (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg [Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University]), Prof. Dr. Daniel Werth (Steinbeis Institute Heilbronn), Prof. Dr. Alexandra Reichenbach (Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences), Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar (TU Munich) and Stefanie Baade (German AI Association). The jury also includes the following individuals in the field of marketing/creativity: Prof. Dr. Markus Besenbeck (President Marketing Club Main-Franken), Dr. Christina Blumentritt (President Marketing Club Nuremberg), Corinne Nauber (President Marketing Club Stuttgart-Heilbronn), Prof. Volker Helzle (Head of Research and Development, Animation Institute of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) and Rolf Hermann (Head of OMR Education).

The awards are presented in various categories, in recognition of diversity and innovation in the field of AI communication. Special attention is accorded to the student category which promotes young talent and also comes with prize money of 2,000 Euros.

The award ceremony, which will take place in Kupferzell, offers an excellent opportunity for networking and an exchange of ideas. The winners will not only receive recognition through an award and a certificate but also be introduced to a wide audience through the associated press work.

Invitation to participation
The organizers of the AI Communication Award encourage all interested parties to submit their innovative projects and join this exciting initiative. “This award provides a great platform for presenting and discussing innovative ideas which are created using AI. We look forward to learning about and celebrating a number of highly creative and advanced uses of AI in communications,” said Johannes Keller.

The search for the next breakthrough innovations with AI in the world of communication begins with the invitation to participate in the AI Communication Award 2024. The event promises to be a milestone for professionals, students and enthusiasts in this dynamic field.

“We have to face up to and deal with the risks and opportunities of AI in every field,” says Dr. Marc Wucherer, CEO of Ziehl-Abegg. “As an industrial company, we want to pay recognition to new solutions and projects by hosting the ‘AI Communication Award’ and make people want to use AI.” The beating heart of AI in Europe will be heard increasingly louder in Heilbronn over the years ahead, that’s why the award is an ideal fit for the Heilbronn-Franken region.

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Invitation to participate in the first AI Communication Award

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