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Besseling & All Techniek is the leading producer of the greenhouse deck cleaning machine: Roofmaster Light. With all the disciplines under one roof: sales, engineering, manufacturing, on-site installation, and service and maintenance.

“Light gains make a heavy purse”. This is especially true when we talk about light gains in glasshouses, because the better the light, the better the harvest.

In the Netherlands, known for its glasshouse cultivation, they know this better than anyone else. Accordingly, numerous companies make use of mechanical glasshouse roof cleaners. Getting rid of dust, dirt or algae formation using frequent mechanical glasshouse cleaning translates into increased produce. From experience, it appears that glasshouse roof cleaners have a quick payback time and yield a lot of profit.

What makes our glasshouse roof cleaners so sought-after?
• Profitability of course, but also other things which influence your choice, such as:
• Proven reliability, due to years of experience in all conditions.
• Prior guarantee, because we can make a good estimate of the likely returns based upon the sort of glasshouse, type of cultivation and surface area, which we are more than happy to do for you.
• Post guarantee, because we provide worldwide guaranteed installation and spare parts.
• Versatility. We have glasshouse roof cleaners for almost every type of glasshouse, in various versions
(from semi-automatic to fully-computerized).

Novelty: Roofmaster Light HIGH SPEED

Glasshouses become bigger and bigger. The average speed of a regular greenhouse roof cleaner is 12-14 meters per minute. So it takes some time to get the job done.

Not any more……. Besseling & All Techniek developed a new technique that can be used for cleaning and chalking glasshouses with high speed. The speed of the new Roofmaster Light can be increased to up to 18-20 meters per minute, an improvement of 50%.

A revolutionary development that can improve your profitability.

The first Roofmaster Light HIGH SPEED.

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