IPM Essen – Once More, Many Participants on International Joint Booths

11 December 2018 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | IPM Essen

17 Countries in Total Present Their Innovations in This Format

The large number of international joint booths will once more highlight the significance of IPM ESSEN as the leading fair in the international green sector. Visitors appreciate this format because, on these multifaceted booths, they can obtain information about country-specific products from several companies in a quick, compact and efficient way.

The partner country of IPM ESSEN 2019 will be represented with no fewer than three joint booths. On the joint booth in Hall 2, 22 Belgian ornamental plant exhibitors will primarily show young plants, including chrysanthemums, garden plants and house plants. The Belgian tree nurseries will be represented with 13 exhibitors in Hall 6 and with three companies in Hall 8. They will present laurels, trees, forest and hedge plants, roses, ornamental bushes and young rhododendrons. These will include hardy container plants as well as plants with root balls or bare-root plants. On all the days of the fair, there will be lectures on topical subjects on the joint booth in Hall 2.
n(Hall 2, Hall 6, Hall 8)

IPM ESSEN will be an important fair for the Middle Kingdom too. The Chinese joint booth will gather seven companies. They will show accessories for the green sector. These will include weed mats and plant covers made of fleece, frost protection made of fleece, LED lamps, bamboo canes and pots.
n(Hall 8B, Booth 8B17)

Costa Rica
Under the auspices of Consorcio Green Plants, seven firms will present themselves on the joint booth of Costa Rica. The available range will include ornamental plants such as aglaonemas, figs, dragon trees, crotons, yuccas or bromeliads. In-vitro plants will play a great role. For example, Consorcio Green Plants will cooperate with companies in order to be able to offer a large number of plants cultivated in this way. An in-vitro laboratory will be introduced on the joint booth. There will also be a large exhibition of these plants. (Hall 1, Booth 1B17)

After the modernisation of Messe Essen, Hall 6 will be the new home for the Danish joint presentation. Around 50 exhibitors will show the plant range of their country under the auspices of Floradania Marketing. These will include house and garden plants as well as new plant concepts and innovative accessories. One major trend will relate to air-improving plants and flowers which ensure a good indoor climate. On the joint area, these products will have their own plant lounge.(Hall 6)

“Grown in France, Grown with Love” – the appearance of the French exhibitors will bear this leitmotif. Under the auspices of Val’hor, over 20 companies will present themselves on two joint booths. In the Galeria, it will be possible to find producers of flowering pot plants, seeds, bulbs and vegetables. The exhibits here will include special tomato varieties for the terrace, new fuchsias, chrysanthemums and roses. The booth in Hall 7 will be equipped by producers of garden roses, trees and bushes. High-value camellias with small blossoms and new pittosporum varieties will be the particular focus of attention there.(Galeria / Hall 7, Booth 7B16)

Great Britain
The Commercial Horticultural Association will gather the British exhibitors on two joint booths. Technical solutions will be shown in Hall 3 while plants made in Great Britain will play the leading role on the booth in Hall 7. The twelve companies will include not only rose breeders but also producers of agapanthuses, clematises or grasses. In the Technology area, it will be possible to see, for example, maintenance-free LED lighting, packaging solutions or tree care products made of recycled plastic.(Hall 3, Booth 3B37 / Hall 7, Booth 7A24 and 7B24)

The Coir Board of India which is organising the Indian joint booth is expecting around 30 participants. They will show what coconut fibre products can be utilised for. These will include coconut fertilisers, grow bags and accessories for greenhouses. The advantage of the products is that they are environmentally friendly and biodegradeable. (Hall 8B, Booth 8B22 and 8B39 / Hall 4, Booth 4C17)

Five companies will participate in the Israeli joint booth. It will be possible to see new and exceptional breeds from the Mediterranean country. In addition to new lavender varieties as well as heat-resistant and drought-resistant plants, vegetables will play a major role. For example, the exhibitors will bring not only grafted chillis but also the trendy sweet potatoes with them to Essen. Here too, there will be new breeds. (Hall 2, Booth 2B15)

Producers from the federal states Morelos and Mexico will show their goods for export on the joint booth of their country. These will include cut flowers, green plants and other varieties such as thick-leaved growths. It will be possible to find the Mexican exhibitors on the area of the BGI Trade Centre where they will address international purchasers. (Hall 1, Booth 1D12)

The Netherlands will be amongst the largest exhibitor nations at IPM ESSEN. Therefore, no fewer than two umbrella associations are organising joint booths. Royal Flora Holland will be present with 35 exhibitors. The future of the green sector will be the centre of attention here. In addition to flowers and plants, the companies will also bring packaging solutions and digital services with them to Messe Essen. Innovations for everything to do with the supply chain and the logistics will be shown too. In the Sales & Marketing subject area, there will be information about account management, channel & consumer marketing and sales management.

BIZZ Holland will invite visitors to its joint booth for the seventh time already. The booth design will be based on a structure consisting of pallets and will have a natural, fresh aura. 58 participants will show an overview of the range offered by the Dutch tree nurseries. From raw materials via cuttings right up to optically attractive products and from avenue trees and perennial plants via conifers and roses right up to ornamental bushes. The participants will come, amongst other places, from the tree nursery regions Boskoop, Opheusden, Venlo and Zundert. The companies will present their innovations and the currently available range of garden plants and trees for 2019. Furthermore, the nominations for the Show Your Colours Award at IPM ESSEN 2019 will be exhibited on the booth and the visitors will be able to vote for their favourite plants. (Hall 8)

The Polish Nurserymen Association and the Agencja Promocji Zieleni are organising the Polish joint booth. The exhibitors will include tree nurseries and trading companies. They will offer a wide spectrum of plants from trees via bushes and shrubs right up to climbing and fruit plants. The young tree nursery goods will have been propagated in vitro too. The plants will be available in various sizes from C2 to C200. The climate in Poland is ideal for robust tree nursery goods. The plants are hardy and frost-resistant. (Hall 6, Booth 6E33)


There will be a Mediterranean feel to the Portugese joint booth. The exhibitors will bring high-value products from the region with them – these will include climbing plants, bushes, grasses and succulents. These items are particularly popular at the moment: dipladenias, bougainvilleas, oleanders, hibiscuses, lantana camaras, polygalas, bindweeds and lavenders.
(Hall 6, Booth 6C25)

Over 30 companies will participate in the Spanish joint booth which will encompass over 1,000 square metres in 2019 and is being organised by the FEPEX association. The exhibitors will originate from the following regions: Valencia, Catalonia, Galicia, Andalusia and the Canary Islands. All of them have specialised in the production and export of ornamental plants and Mediterranean growths. Amongst other products, it will be possible to see palms, oleanders, olive trees, hibiscuses, dipladenias, stephanotises and allamandas. (Hall 6)

Sri Lanka
Products made of coconut fibres will play the leading role on the joint booth from Sri Lanka. It is being organised by the Coconut Development Authority and will encompass seven participants. The coconut fibre products can be utilised in horticulture, greenhouses, agriculture or also private gardens.(Hall 4, Booth 4A09)

nThe Taiwanese joint booth will be characterised by the queen of flowers: orchids. The exhibitors will show not only the filigree beauties but also the material necessary for the breeding.
n(Hall 1, Booth 1B36)

Since the EU is one of the most important export markets, the USA will be represented with a pavilion. The majority of the exhibiting nurseries will come from the southern states. The joint booth is being organised by the Southern US Trade Association (SUSTA), a non-profit-making agricultural export association under the Department of Agriculture in Washington. The range offered by the companies will include hibiscuses, liriopes, tropical plants, bougainvilleas as well as raw materials and much more.(Hall 2, Booth 2A31)

Hungary will also be represented at IPM ESSEN 2019 with a joint booth.
(Hall 7)

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