Lely Sphere

For a sustainable dairy farm, it is essential to ensure that the soil and crops are optimally supplied with nutrients for optimal growth and to improve and close mineral cycles. Lely Sphere is a circular manure-handling system for or separate processing and utilization of mineral streams on dairy farms. The system separates solid manure and urine and converts nitrogen emissions into valuable fertilizers. Lely Sphere makes it possible to use 70% of nitrogen losses due to gaseous emission for fertilization. This is achieved by separating three mineral streams already in the barn, which you can then use for precision fertilization. With these valuable components from the manure, you can optimally nourish the soil and crops and thus harvest more nutritional value from your land, using your own manure. The barn has a clean floor and fresh air, because there are hardly any gases or manure present. You can even preserve the existing natural ventilation in your barn and your cows can still be grazing in the pasture.

How does it work
Lely Sphere starts by optimizing the existing manure cellars. A cellar for urine under the slats and a separated cellar for the solid manure, for example under the cubicles, is ideal. From here you can use the material as separated fertilizers or remix them for the right composition to fertilize the soil and crops to their exact needs. Within your exiting slatted floor, we equip the slats with stainless steel separation strips that leave the manure on the floor and urine drains into the cellar, separating the emitting components right at the source. While the urine flows through the separation strips into the cellar, the feces remain on the strips. The Lely Discovery Collector then collects the solid manure and takes it to the designated dump place, that allows you to easily handle the separated manure streams. The Ley Sphere N-Capture sucks gaseous emissions from the slatted floor down into the cellars and saves your cows from the ammonia gases, as well as the environment from the N-emissions. The filter package in the N-Capture unit captures the ammonia from the airflow under the slats, using water and acids, and turns these into your self-produced circular fertilizer.


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