Metazet FormFlex: Continuous Innovation in Horticulture

Metazet FormFlex, the global leader in horticultural solutions, is dedicated to continuous innovation and addressing the challenges faced by growers worldwide. By actively listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we develop customized solutions to improve cultivation processes and internal logistics. One notable innovation is Second Skin, a specially developed plastic top layer that completely protects the cultivation gutter, reducing the adherence of algae and fertilizer to a minimum and simplifying gutter cleaning.

Another smart innovation by Metazet FormFlex is MetaFIT. This system provides an innovative solution for connecting heating pipes in greenhouses without the need for welding. This brings numerous benefits such as time savings in construction projects and flexibility in adding additional pipes to existing greenhouses. At Metazet FormFlex, we believe in close collaboration with our customers to identify their pain points and develop customized innovations to address them. By continuously listening to their needs, we strive for progress and success in the horticulture industry.


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