Metazet Formflex to unveil ground-breaking innovations during Greentech in Amsterdam

Prepare yourself for a unique experience in the world of horticultural innovations! Metazet Formflex, the leading supplier of smart solutions for the horticultural sector, is looking forward to participating in the Greentech trade fair which will be held from the 13th to the 15th of June at the RAI in Amsterdam. During the fair, Metazet will reveal some ground-breaking innovations designed to help prepare horticultural businesses and the supply sector for the future. 

MetaFIT: A smart solution for connecting heating pipes without welding
One of the most exciting new products that Metazet is showcasing is MetaFIT. This system is an innovative solution for connecting heating pipes in greenhouses without resorting to welding. There are many advantages to this approach; it saves time in construction projects, and offers flexibility when adding extra pipes in existing greenhouses, for example. MetaFIT can be installed on location worldwide. The origins of this major innovation can be traced back to a request from DGH Technologies B.V., a close collaborator of Metazet. It illustrates Metazet’s commitment to listen to its customers and work together on impressive solutions.

Second Skin: Optimising greenhouse hygiene with a plastic top layer 
Another remarkable innovation that Metazet will present at the fair is the recently launched Second Skin. This specially developed and patented plastic top layer completely encloses cultivation gutters, giving algae and fertiliser little opportunity to adhere. Visit us at the fair to discover how Second Skin optimises greenhouse hygiene and boosts plant growth.

NXT-row: The autonomous driving platform for efficient greenhouse automation 
Metazet will also be showing NXT-row, an advanced autonomous driving platform for robotisation applications. This platform navigates effortlessly and independently through greenhouses, making it the ideal basis for automation. Perhaps your robotisation project could be built around the NXT-row! Scouting, harvesting, UVC lighting or crop protection; NXT-row transports your application through the greenhouse safely.

Metazet – Let’s work on the future of the horticultural sector together 
The Greentech fair is a unique opportunity to present our innovations. Luke van Adrichem, technical director of Metazet Formflex, shares his enthusiasm: “I’m honoured to be able to inform you that on Tuesday the 6th of June, we welcomed a select group of business contacts to the presentation of our latest innovation, the MetaFIT. This event was the perfect opportunity to officially hand over the very first MetaFIT to Edo and Timo Raus of DGH 2/2

Technologies B.V., with whom we are rolling out our first project with MetaFITs. This milestone is indicative Metazet’s capacity to listen to our customers in order to jointly create some amazing products. Our MetaFIT, Second Skin and the NXT-row products all demonstrate Metazet’s ongoing commitment to helping the horticultural industry advance, and addressing the challenges of the sector, We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand, number 05-240, where we will be able to explore the future of horticultural technology together.”


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