Quality makes the difference:

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy given needs

In today’s world we are daily dealing with extreme energy prices and at the same moment. We must have a short term and long-term strategy, but we also have to be mindful and not forget that in these challenging times we must make use of new technologies we have an issue of available electricity supply to the grid, while maintaining focus on the basic characteristics of the Greenhouse CHP. In a world where health concerns and security of food supply are starting to play a more important role, the greenhouse sector is responding by going through an explosive growth. Increasing local food production is considered more and more important in many regions around the world.

To facilitate this rapid expansion of the greenhouse sector, standardization of design, construction and maintenance are increasingly important to build projects on-time, on-budget, and with reliability of the product performing as expected.  We need to listen to and understand the needs of the greenhouse farmer and discuss in depth the project requirements and possibilities in order to be the right partner to provide and support the CHP energy solution.

With a CHP solution, the following features should be taken into consideration:
•  CHP systems serving greenhouses play a very important role in integrating and maximizing the use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.
•  The CHP systems offers 24/7 stand by power.
•  Due to presence of onsite thermal storage, CHP systems serving greenhouses help to stabilize the grid when there is a shortage of  power, by supplying power back into the grid.
•  Greenhouses with grow lights installed also have the benefit of using a CHP system to switch off the lights when needed, thereby  shedding electrical load in order to minimise the power from the grid. This provides a low cost means of providing grid stabilizing services.

All these features are additional on the traditional use of a Greenhouse CHP, producing Electricity, heat, and CO2. By engineering the traditional greenhouse CHP with the capability to be extremely flexible with all the new features, we must use the experience built up over a long time in the industries we have served.

AB Energy has for many years been a leading player in the global greenhouse CHP industry, supplying a fully integrated standardized modular built greenhouse CHP solution with the highest possible energy efficiencies. AB Energy understands the full integration into greenhouses and greenhouse microgrids and can support in designing an optimal solution. These solutions have the flexibility to support energy regulators by either reducing load or providing power back into the grid, thereby providing a solution to improve the stability of the electrical grids.

The tailored integrated CHP system provided by AB makes a positive P&L for our customer, providing a reliable solution that caters for the greenhouse farmers specific needs along with a 24/7 full maintenance package including remote monitoring. This provides the customer with assurance of quality and peace of mind.

To learn more about AB greenhouse cogeneration plants, please contact:

Dick Kramp at dick.kramp@gruppoab.com

Hans van den Heuvel at hans.vd.heuvel@gruppoab.com

Jan Buijk Canadian applications at jan.buijk@gruppoab.com

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Quality makes the difference:

Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy given needs In today’s world we are daily dealing wi...
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