SANlight FLEX-Series

Compact and flexible linear light

The SANlight FLEX series is a compact and powerful LED illumination solution for use in multi-layer systems, Interlighting applications and as an additional light to existing luminaires.

•  The light spectrum of the SANlight FLEX series specially developed for these applications is extraordinarily broadband and has a balanced far-red/red ratio. This accelerates rooting for cuttings and greatly promotes growth in the first phase of plant life.

•  The generously dimensioned passive cooling system keeps the light cool when in operation. In combination with the high IP68 protection rating, this allows the use of the SANlight FLEX between the plants where there is no light. This means the quantity and quality of your harvest is greatly improved.

When used in multi-layer systems, the broad and homogeneous wide beam characteristics ensure perfect light distribution, even when there are small distances between the light source and the tip of the plant. In addition, the low installation height reduces the space requirement of the individual layers.

In order to keep the installation simple even in larger systems, several luminaires can be supplied via a common LED driver. The luminaires can be connected directly to one another without tools or with the available connecting cable. The mounting tab can also be folded for easy mounting.

Thus the SANlight FLEX offers an extremely flexible system for young plant breeding, and Interlighting applications.


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