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11 January 2024 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | SANSOL GmbH

If you successfully breed decorative plants in the greenhouse all year round you expect from innovative LED assimilation lights to improve your work environment and grow results. The facility manager needs to bring the operational costs down at the lowest investment costs. Converting existing high-pressure-sodium lamps (HPS) to LEDs requires the right answer for everyone involved. Again, a professional horticulturist has set out with SANSOL to increase its yields, improve plant resilience to environmental influences in a groundbreaking assimilation light refit project, with the result to measurably reduce energy costs. 

Goal setting and strategy
SANSOL’s primary goal was a seamless one-to-one replacement while maintaining the existing infrastructure. The focus is on reducing energy costs by 40%, which is expected to pay for itself within less than four years. The sunlike emission spectrum of the new lighting solution is strategically chosen to support good rooting and increase internode spacing of the mother plants.

Schedule and challenges
Time is money. Experience shows that 12 weeks pass from the first planning meeting to commissioning. A major challenge for SANSOL is ensuring uniform light distribution in older greenhouses with low light heights. SANSOL’s specially developed CUBRA-series has proven themselves for refitting projects like this. The optimal light distribution and freedom to adapt the emission spectrum in the production process is key. A smooth 1:1 replacement is ensured without the need for a qualified electrician.

Our look into the future
An improved emissions spectrum enhances the current breeding program and creates the conditions for further success. The integration of horticultural and cultivation know-how ensures that the gardener’s requirements are seamlessly translated into a perfect lighting solution.

Your advantages
A SANSOL LED solution guarantees

• reduction in energy costs
• less conversion costs and improved cultivation results
• stronger roots
• better light distribution at crop level
• less light wastage and minimal light pollution
• no additional investments in new mechanical suspensions, control cabinets or cabling

In addition, the optimal investment costs and the reduced operating costs lead to a quick return on investment. SANSOL’s commitment on eyelevel goes beyond product innovation.

Not just our product innovations get you ahead. You also benefit from our many years of project experience in all important areas of professional horticulture.

• from project planning to investment management
• interaction during construction and commissioning
• in-process optimization and production ramp-up
• positioning of your company
• with a view to the near and medium-term future

We are open to analyze your refit project and to propose a project solution. Interested? We look forward to meeting you.

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