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23 August 2022 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | SANSOL GmbH

Who we are
We have learned a lot from our many years of greenhouse and grow experience. Only lighting solutions that consider all relevant grow parameters guarantee our customers the desired success – crop and business growth. This is how we have evolved to the innovative total solution provider “SANSOL”.

What makes us unique
“Solutions for growth” is mandatory for us. As a system plant specialist, we focus on project-specific solutions. Whether it’s a new concept or a refit – our specialists record all growth-relevant parameters and coordinate them meticulously with one another. In addition, we operate an in-house R&D grow facility and have close cooperation with research institutes. Thus, we can guarantee you greenhouse systems tailored to your needs.

100% from Europe
We are constantly developing new lighting innovations for greenhouses. Sustainability and highest quality is our goal. We design our products 100% in Austria and have them manufactured in Europe.

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