The best vaccine is a good fan

Microorganisms: so popular these days, frightening as vector or direct cause of the most unexpected infections or sicknesses and we cannot even see them to fight them. They are also one of the main threats to the modern precision agriculture. Pathogens are responsible for the most significant economic losses.

A popular example: fungus Botrytis, the second most economically damaging disease in the world. It affects more than 200 horticultural species worldwide and estimations suggest around 20% of losses as a result. Prevention is feasible, healing and eradication are greatly complicated, if not impossible.

In greenhouses we intend to recreate the most comfortable conditions for crops…and these are very often the ideal ones for pathogenic microorganisms to grow.

Most of the fungal infections and bacteria happen in a thin water film on the surface of the plant. Insects need water to reproduce and develop.

And yet, reality involves environments which are not so ideal for the plants but the perfect breeding ground for many fungus and bacteria. In these conditions, if an attack occurs, the disease or plague development will speed up and the impact will be immediate and obvious.

Here is where the preventive role of ventilation on pests and diseases comes in.

The most versatile, efficient and least costly measure to prevent phytosanitary problems is to ensure the correct aeration. Air movement within a greenhouse makes difficult the pathogens attacks. It reduces or even removes water condensations on plants surfaces. It prevents parasites to move around. It increases crop resistance. This significantly lower the incidence of extreme episodes. ZIEHL-ABEGG has developed the perfect ventilation system to complement integrated pest and disease management: ZAplus.

The ZAplus fan system means external rotor motor with either AC or ECblue technology, advanced bionic designed impeller and corrosion-free composite housing with integrated guide vanes.

The ZAplus fan system is high performing and efficient, reliable, flexible, resilient, durable, maintenance-free and guarantees the adequate air throw at the precise air speed over the plants, thanks to its air diffuser working together with its dedicated grill cross. Add autonomy and connectivity to the formula and you have found the secret weapon for healthy, gorgeous flowers and profitable crops.

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