The Roofmaster: A 2-in-1 greenhouse roof miracle

The Roofmaster, the innovative greenhouse roof washer made by Besseling Techniek, a Dutch company based in Heerhugowaard, has grown into a genuine partner for greenhouse growers all over the world in the past few years. What started as a mechanical solution for manually washing greenhouse roofs has become a fixed value in the greenhouse horticulture industry.

The Roofmaster’s shape – rather like an A – which allows it to move through 2 gutters on 4 wheels, has not changed in the 30 years that the machine has been on the market. But that’s only one of the few things that have not been upgraded. In response to suggestions from horticulturists and our constant drive for improvement, many changes were made to the Roofmaster over the years. In addition to more efficient brushes and water-saving solutions, a major development occurred several years ago when we changed the drive system used by the wheels from hydraulic to electric. This ground-breaking adjustment is now being patented.

This technical adjustment enhances the stability of the greenhouse roof washer, allows it to shorten the time laps – without any concessions to quality – and builds up speed after leaving the platform and reduces it near the end. Additionally, the possibility of disruptions (primarily with regard to the reel) has been drastically reduced. The Roofmaster offers horticulturists a great advantage: they can sleep peacefully while the Roofmaster works at night to ensure the optimum ingress of light into the greenhouse!

Because the speed of the Roofmaster is adjustable, it can also be used to apply chalk and coatings in addition to washing. While greenhouse roofs need to be washed to let in as much light as possible, the Roofmaster can also help to keep excessive light (and heat) outside in spring and summer. Attaching spray beams to the greenhouse roof washer transforms the Roofmaster into a real chalking machine in just a few easy steps. It can be used not only to apply white calcareous products; more sophisticated products such as diffuse coatings are no problem for this ‘greenhouse miracle’. Until recently, this add-on was used primarily by growers abroad due to the scarcity of contract workers. However, the past few years have also seen more and more Dutch growers opting for the 2-in-1 Roofmaster as a solution to control the light all year round in order to obtain an optimal greenhouse climate.


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