Three new Extras Roofmaster Light

Three new Extras to make the Roofmaster Light Extra thorough, Extra fast and Extra efficient.

We don’t have to elaborate about the Roofmaster Light. You already have one, or know enough to consider buying one.But we would like to point out the three new extras we developed to make its performance even faster and better.

Wide gutter brush
Special system with variable RPMS – cleans the gutters and the adjacent windows even better. Cleaning goes faster and better to avoid blockage.

Spray boom with Dosatron system
To quickly and effi ciently remove chalk and pollutants. The spray boom covers the deck with cleaning solution like a pre-wash cycle. Works thoroughly and effi ciently for optimal results.

Electric drive
Adjustable to increase the speed of the Roofmaster Light. Washing speeds can be increased from 14 to 20 meters per minute (almost a 50% improvement). Chalking speeds can be increased to 30 meters per minute!

Three Extras that will improve your yield even more
Wide gutter brush, Spray boom and Electric drive, three new features that each will save time and money and contribute to a maximum light increase. We will take care of installation to your specifi cations, with optimum adjustments, specifi cally designed for your business application.

Clean glass: more light, more growth, higher yield

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