Turn key projects: 6 steps approach

29 January 2024 | Int. Greenhouse Guide | Delphy

Delphy is a leader in research and practical knowledge implementation in the agriculturalsector. With roots in the Dutch knowledge infrastructure, Delphy supports its customers worldwide in crop optimization, training, turnkey projects and capacity building. Delphy provides services in all phases of turnkey projects, from the initial idea to the final realization. The six steps below describe the approach Delphy has developed for turnkey projects.

1. Feasibility study and functional design
The first step is to get a clear overview of the horticultural project (greenhouse) and prepare a functional design, optimizing the crop conditions. We list the investments involved, and make a forecast of the (operational) costs and revenues for the next 5 – 7 years. A feasibility study carried out by Delphy provides an in-depth description of the viability of the project, payback time and cash flow during the project period.

2. Financing
Based on the feasibility study Delphy prepares an impartial and thorough “bankable business plan”. The Delphy experts explain the project and are your partner in convincing banks, governments and financial institutions about viability of the project plans. Important argument is the realisation of the expected yields. In certain countries Delphy has access to local grants for projects.

3. Connecting partners
Delphy connects international project opportunities to its worldwide network of partners who may be involved and add value in carrying out these projects. Partners are horticultural suppliers in the greenhouse industry, suppliers of seeds, trees, young plants , irrigation systems, horticultural equipment, climate computers or biological control.

4. Tender procedure
Creating a clear tender procedure and an evaluation of proposals based on this tender ensures a clear and transparent selection process. Delphy initiates the tender documents, organises the tender procedure and supports during the whole procurement process. As a respected knowledge partner Delphy optimizes the “value for money” of your investment, e.g.in the choices to be made on lighting, greenhouse roofing or heating. Upon request we participate in contracting as well.

5. Construction supervision
During the construction phase of the project, Delphy makes sure that the realisation of the project is in line with the requirements of the project as described in the functional design (and as offered by the contractor). This is a precondition for the forecasted yields. We address deviations and potential risks upfront, and make sure these are settled immediately by the contractor.

6. Cultivation
Core strength of Delphy is optimizing cultivation. Delphy realises this in four ways:
1. Recruitment and detachment of growers
2. Training of local staff
3. Visits by senior cultivation experts
4. Online assistance. Support Desk acts on a remote base and endorses your local staff in the critical aspects of successful growing
These four pillars guarantee good production results and create continuously local knowledge development.

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